5th & 6th December 2017

Event Agenda Day 2

Event Agenda

08:20 - 08:35

Coffee and Networking Break


08:35 - 08:55

Jim Carter, Transformation Director, Government Commercial Function
Jim Carter
Transformation Director, Government Commercial Function
Cabinet Office

Transforming how we attract, develop and retain commercial talent to deliver Departmental priorities

The presentation will explore the challenges faced by the government commercial function, and the steps taken to establish a compelling proposition for staff that seeks to attract, develop and retain the very best commercial talent to deliver Departmental priorities.

08:55 - 09:15

Richard Cornish, Director, Counter Fraud & Compliance
Richard Cornish
Director, Counter Fraud & Compliance
Department for Work & Pensions

Tackling Fraud and Error in Welfare: from Claim to Collection

DWP has made much progress in recent years tackling welfare fraud and error. To build on this further the Department has created a new end to end Directorate including bringing policy and operational functions together for the first time. Richard Cornish will describe how this enhanced approach will focus on developing new strategies and an even greater emphasis on prevention, through maximising the opportunities new digital systems like Universal Credit offer, deploying behavioural insight techniques, enhanced data matching and focusing on all points in the customer journey.

09:15 - 09:35

Solution Provider Case Study

09:40 - 10:00

Solution Provider Case Study - Stream 1/2/3/4

10:00 - 10:15

Coffee & Networking Break


10:15 - 11:45

Business Meetings

Business Meeting

11:45 - 12:05

Maureen Hewlett, Head of People, Capability & Workforce Management for Technology
Maureen Hewlett
Head of People, Capability & Workforce Management for Technology
Department for Work and Pensions Digital

Build it - Implement it - Maintain it

Maureen Hewlett, Head of People, Capability and Workforce Management Technology is currently leading DWP's major Digital Transformation plan. With many of the systems being old and outdated, the team are now in the midst of leading some forward-thinking ways of working. They are operating in a private sector manor and mirroring what Spotify by using robotics and automation to drive cost saving. In this session, Maureen will discuss the journey that DWP are on and how they are going to; build it – implement it – maintain it.

12:10 - 12:30

Phillippa Tasselli, Head of IT Services
Phillippa Tasselli
Head of IT Services
Food Standards Agency
Louise Spiby, IT Business Partner
Louise Spiby
IT Business Partner
Food Standards Agency

STREAM ONE Bring Control Back in House

This is an exciting time for the Food Standards Agency. We are on the cusp of transforming the organisation so that our people can work where they want to, how they need to – making us more open, more productive and more collaborative. We have three strategic programmes underway to enable this. One of these is the Evolve IT programme of work. Evolve IT has been set up to implement the FSA's IT strategy. The single supplier outsourced model for the provision of IT services has proven to be inflexible and costly in addressing changing business objectives. Our IT strategy is to bring overall control back in house, to facilitate the adoption of a more flexible, responsive, innovative and better value supply chain.

12:10 - 12:30

Deborah Jamieson, Head of External Relations, User Insight & Culture Change, Work & Health Unit
Deborah Jamieson
Head of External Relations, User Insight & Culture Change, Work & Health Unit
Department for Work & Pensions

Industry Presentation STREAM TWO

12:10 - 12:30

Miranda Winram, Head of Strategy and Insight
Miranda Winram
Head of Strategy and Insight
Forestry Commission

STREAM THREE Developing Strategy in Traditional, Arms-length Government Organisations

Forest Enterprise is a Public Corporation within the Forestry Commission and the Defra family, and manages England's public forests and woodlands. Forest Enterprise has a turnover of £90m pa, is now 75% commercially funded, has a net natural capital asset value of £22bn and is the largest landowner in England. Miranda Winram is Forest Enterprise's Head of Strategy and Insight, prior to that she was a consultant for KPMG and worked directly in the non-profit sector.

Miranda will chart the transformation of the strategy for the nation's forests from Forest Enterprise's founding legislation, the opportunities and barriers to the successful escalation of strategic change in recent years and its early adoption - and current sector leading activity - in the emerging strategic driver of Natural Capital.

12:10 - 12:30

Catherine Connolly, Deputy Director Financial Stability
Catherine Connolly
Deputy Director Financial Stability
HM Treasury

STREAM FOUR Public Sector Productivity

Catherine Connolly is an experienced economist who has worked across a wide range of public and private policy roles in the UK, New Zealand and Germany. She is currently at HM Treasury where she focuses on understanding and improving public sector productivity. In her talk today she will discuss the work in the UK and internationally to assess public sector productivity, what works in driving and incentivising productivity gains in the public sector and where next on this agenda for the UK government.

12:30 - 13:10

Katharine Braddick, Director General, Financial Services
Katharine Braddick
Director General, Financial Services
HM Treasury
Rosehanna Chowdhury, Deputy Director for Strategy, EU Exit and Ministerial Support
Rosehanna Chowdhury
Deputy Director for Strategy, EU Exit and Ministerial Support
Department for Communities and Local Government
Bhaskar Dasgupta, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer
Bhaskar Dasgupta
Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer
UK Export Finance
Liz Arneill, IT Business Director
Liz Arneill
IT Business Director
FCO Services

Panel Session - Brexit - Tackling Uncertain Environments

While the outcome of the vote is known, a long period of change will now follow, bringing with it a forecasted uncertainty. The biggest challenge for any department is working in an uncertain environment. This panel session will focus on tackling these challenges, learning how to best engage with non-governmental stakeholders and ensure that citizens are kept at the forefront.

FCO Services

13:10 - 13:20

Chair's closing remarks

13:20 - 13:35

Coffee & Networking Break - Event Close


13:20 - 14:20