2nd, 3rd & 4th December 2024

Client Testimonials

The engagement with vendors is extremely useful. There is clearly a space both for government officials to understand what the vendors offer and also for the vendors to understand what it is that government officials need and expect.
Head of Profession, Climate and Environment
I feel today was very well-run, I'm quite impressed. Everything has been on time, there has been no waiting around. I will definitely be returning next year.
Head of Application, Department of Health
Thank you for the conference. It has been useful to see the range of companies involved and how to access them, as well as the speedy and professionalism of yourselves in organization and facilitation.
Head of Centre for Research Services, Forest Research
Speed networking really gave me a chance to learn an awful lot in a very short time with a range of suppliers. I'll need to follow up and think about how to best engage with them going forward.
Head of GSS Professional Support Team, Office of National Statistics
Excellent service and everything ran smoothly.
Chief Statistician and Deputy Director of Analytical Services, Ministry of Justice
Excellent line up of speakers. I learned an awful lot and got lots of contacts back.
Head of National Infrastructure Case Management, PINS
Excellent conference set up, extremely well ran. Thank you.
Strategic Transformation Programme Lead, Ofgem
Great choice of speakers thank you, would like to attend again if possible.
Head of Knowledge and Information Management, Ofsted
Wonderfully organised and all sessions were valuable.
Director of Civil Service HR Casework, MOJ (CSHR Casework)
Event was run very smoothly. Good balance of speakers between commercial and public.
Civil Servant, Department for Education
Everything was organised perfectly and ran efficiently. Really interesting and highly recommended.
Head of Safety, Health and Wellbeing, DEFRA